Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pencak Silat Class 1/2/07

Tuesday's pencak silat pertempuran class was a pretty good class. We mostly worked on levels 2 and 3 but of course included the use of a knife in that as well to give a slightly different perspective. It was a pretty good turnout. Nick and Aaron came over from Tampa and of course Rocco and Doug were there as well. That was good because it gave Doug and Rocco other people to train with.

For a little while Nick and I did Main Terus or Permainan while Rocco, Doug, and Aaron did explosive entries with the pisau. I'm not sure who lost over on the pisau side...

For the most part we worked all of the various entries to include: Masukan Tangan, Masukan Sepak, Masukan Lutu, Masukan Siku, and Masukan Kaki. We also did Jurus2. On the level 3 stuff we went through checks, trapping, catching, and exchanging as well as jurus 3.

Nick demonstrated the Jurus-jurus Kombinasi of PSP for Jurus Satu and Tiga. I also had an opportunity to teach him Jurus Tangan Lima, and Jurus Monyet Lima. I showed him how the Jurus Kombinasi Lima works but I don't think his mind was absorbing too much by that point.

One time I went over how to apply pisau to the jurus-jurus tangan and I demonstrated Jurus Pisau Satu and Lima for Nick. Aaron and Nick also got a bit of training in the Pisau Grip Switching and Hand Switching. It was brief but felt good to share it with people eager to learn.

One theme of the night was headbutts.... I gave a few headbutts to Nick and Aaron and I smacked heads at one point. I ended up with a walnut sized knot above my eye which is since growing darker and darker. My glasses caused me to get a nice blood blister next to my eye too. It's been a few days and it still feels pretty good (sarcasm people, sarcasm).

Hormat saya,


Jay said...

have you been using that balur I gave you last year?
heal well.

SilatBlogger said...

Hi Jay

Yep, I've used it and continue to on this one, but I'm a little cautious because it is right near my eye and I don't want to accidentally get some of that in my eye. I can't imagine that would feel too good :0


Jay said...

no, I don't believe that would speed healing. I remember getting some jow NEAR my eyes and that sucked. hard.
fast healing to you!