Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Saturday 1/20/2007 Pencak Silat Class

Saturday we had class with Rocco, Todd, and Doug there. We warmed up with some Monyet and Harimau, stretching, crocodile falling push-ups, and Ales Lima or Lutut Jatuh depending on your perspective.

We went on to practice catches, exchanges, trapping, and checking. After that we went through jurus tiga.

After class we did some more filming of pisau material and a few pisau bela diri. The pisau bela diri included the knife along side the neck, in the stomach, in front of the throat, and point on the side of the neck. There are more I will be doing - though I might just make a bela diri dvd that has all types of different bela diri on it - not just pisau bela diri. Maybe gun, empty hand, kicks, tackles, etcetera. This is stuff that needs to be addressed.

Anyway, it was a good class. I'm a few posts behind so expect several within a few days.

Hormat saya,
Guru Stark

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