Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pencak Silat Pertempuran Class -Tuesday 1/16/07

Tuesday night we had a pretty good class. At least a good workout. Doug and I started with squats, Ales Lima, push-ups, wall sits, and then about an hour of kicking. We did Tendangan Depan, Sepak Ayam, Double Sepak Ayam, and Sepak Bulat. Then we did a little stretching. I need to do much more of that...

After that, we went through tangkapan, penjebakan, pencegah tangan, and pertukaran. After that we went through Jurus Tiga several times. We still ended by around 9:45p so that wasn't too bad. Sometimes we go later and accomplish less it seems...

We also did some more stretching after the kicking portion. It felt good because my back was getting stiff by then. I'm getting old.................

Anyway, it was a good workout, and though it was a pretty simply structured class, it was good. I fully expect that Rocco and Doug will be through Level 3 by the end of the month (if Level 2 looks good) and we can put some time into the material.

Saturday we should be filming most of the rest of the material for the Pisau - I hope - and I'll get that edited and posted soon after. My freelance work has slowed a bit so I should have some time to get it done. Woo Hoo!

Hormat saya,
Guru Stark

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Jay said...

With all due respect, you're not getting old. We tend to push through a workout without taking the time to add a little softwork to the mix to relax us. Heed your own advice, my friend and stretch. I have been forcing my self to do the same thing!! make it part of class, sure it's not working out, but it will allow us to work out long into our autumn years. whenever those are!