Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pencak Silat Promotions

Selamat All;

Rocco and Doug have both passed level 3 and moved on to Level 4. They tested Saturday and did pretty well. They do have to do some more review on Level 2 things because it wasn't quite at the level I wanted to see it but they did well enough that they are moving on.

Level 3 is probably the hump for most people and probably the place where I lose the most students - that and level 1 that is.

Once you get through Level 3 and if you are making the effort to train with me personally, you will start to see how the material comes together, how connected it is, how fluid it is, how complete it is. Each successive level only adds to it BUT until you get there, it is hard to see. Rocco and Doug are starting to see it which is cool

Please congratulate them.

Hormat saya,
Guru Stark

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Jay said...

Congratulations to Rocco and Doug! Way to go guys!