Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pencak Silat Training Camp - Keluarga 2007


Date: August 3rd-5th, 2007
Theme: No. I don't play nice!
Des Moines, IA
Length: 3 Days of training
Cost for Training: $180
Hotel: Heartlands Inn - link:
Room Rate: $67.50 per room, per night, plus tax for a traditional room with one king size bed or two queen size beds.

  • 10 Rooms set aside (8 Doubles, 2 Singles)
  • Group name: Keluarga (ask for Keluarga Rate when you book a room to get the special rate. Also, please let Jay know if you book a room so if we need more we can add some AND you must book them at least 2 weeks before the event to get the special rate. You can't wait until the last minute.)
  • Complimentary Breakfast Daily 4:30-10am (hot and cold items)
  • Wireless Internet
  • Pillowtop Mattresses in Every Room
  • Indoor Swimming Pool and Fitness Center
  • Complimentary Evening Snacks
  • 24 Hour Airport Shuttle Service


  • American,
  • Comair,
  • Continental,
  • Midwest Connect,
  • Northwest,
  • Skywest,
  • United,
  • US Airways

Car Rental:

  • Recommended by Jay - Enterprise (at the airport)
Event Information:
Plan on tuning up your pencak silat. We will work on:
  • PSP fundamentals
  • jurus-jurus,
  • harimau-monyet,
  • applications - bela diri,
  • understanding and doing pencak silat movement,
  • connectivity of fundamentals to create techniques,
  • training methods,
  • weapons work,
  • Explosive Entries,
  • Level Testing,
  • various adhoc discussions on strategy, psp, philosophy, spirituality, pencak silat, leadership, teaching, and growth.
  • bonfire at Jay's

It's going to be a great three days of training to introduce people to PSP and help those who are midway and nearing the end of the general curriculum. As always, it's a great time to test. Don't wait for Keluarga, but if you can push a little to test in person is a great opportunity.

We will probably work play harder this year than in past years.

Equipment to bring:

  • MMA style training gloves,
  • Full face headgear,
  • kicking shields,
  • focus mitts,
  • training and "sharps" (pisau - knives),
  • Golok,
  • Looped sarong

Pay for the event by sending payment to via paypal to reserve your spot. We are looking to have around 20 people this year so get in before it's full.

If you have questions about ammenities, training location, car rentals, or event resources, contact Jay at .

Event particulars, equipment, and questions related around partiicipation in the event should be sent to Guru Stark at .

Hormat saya,
Guru Stark


-Steve said...

Could you post a couple of links so we are on the same page WRT 'Full face headgear' and 'Golok'. Just a picture or perhaps a recommended place to buy. Also where to get Looped sarong?

SilatBlogger said...

Here is a link for the headgear that looks like what I use:

You don't have to buy it here and you don't have to buy that type if you don't want to. I like it and the price is good.

As for the Golok - think machete.

I normally carry looped sarungs but I am currently out of stock. I will try to get some more in but if not I will find you a source if you remind me on occasion.

Phil said...

I might just be missing it on this post, and I'm probably setting myself up for some kind of embarrassing way to have it pointed out to me, but what are the dates?

SilatBlogger said...

Hi Phil

No. They aren't on here. I posted them in the title on the forum and didn't put them in here though I think I mentioned them at one other time out here....

Aug 3-5