Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pencak Silat class 1/13/07 and Future Works

Selamat Readers, Students, Friends;

Saturday's class was good. We did a lot of pisau filming. (Thanks Rocco and Doug!) We filmed the jurus2 Pisau, dasar, Ales, masukan pisau, masukan pisau monyet, masukan pisau pendek, masukan pisau kombinasi, and it seems like we may have filmed more but I can't remember.

Doug and Rocco worked on Beladiri Pisau Satu and dua. We put beladiri pisau satu on film with more to come. Hopefully next weekend we'll get the rest of the pisau material on film and I'll get it edited shortly after that. We already had some of it on film that we shot a few months back so for some of it, unfortunately I have duplicate material, but that's okay because I can pick and choose what material I want to use that will communicate the material better.

There's a lot to put on this DVD so it may end up being 2 DVD's. I'm not sure at this point. I will abbreviate the material as much as I think I can considering that a person will be viewing this material after they have already completed 9 other levels. In any case, I am excite to be at this point in the material because I am finally on the downside of filming - at least the raw material for the levels.

I will probably make a few specialty books or videos or both to accentuate certain elements that don't initially make themselves apparant. For instance, all of the monyet that is found in the system, all of the boar, and all of the ular. These are things that you'll recognize when you see the movements but may not have seen isolated with the principles that they utilize.

I would also like to make a linking video for those who are studying primarily from dvd. This would be a dvd that might clearly show how things might link together. The main issue I need to overcome on that DVD is figuring out a way to teach it so the principle is passed and not techniques...

There is also a strong possibility that an explosive entries DVD will be made. This is something that I didn't recognize was necessary but working with Rocco and Doug, they have helped me to understand the necessity for such material. This is a "rubber meets the road" type of DVD that will elevate your skill if you don't know how, or you don't know what you do - when it works.

Somewhere in all of this there is the possibility of producing a series of DVD's on the jurus2 like I have with jurus satu.

Lastly, there is the possibilty of redoing some of the earlier dvd's. There are small elements here and there that have evolved and the presentation might be clearer and more concise. I would also like to make another attempt at them to share some of the passion I have for the material. I certainly don't have the same effect with people on video as I do in person and I am working on it.

From the standpoint of writing I have already begun the third book. It was my intention to add more of the physical material in it, but I may forgoe that and make the book a strictly spiritual - phsychological/emotional book. It probably will not be as large as the latest book but it may take longer to write... I'll just have to see as it goes along. That's one of the joys have self-publishing --- I can change my mind! :)

All of the current materials can be found here: Lulu

Hormat saya,
Guru Stark


ksmaguro said...

Good luck Guru!
Let me know if there is anything I may be able to hlp with along the way.
Take care,

PSP Maryland said...

Selamat Guru,

I am stoked about the idea of more material, especially since it is based off of core movements. Another avenue to explore and extrapolate!

Hormat Saya,

Anonymous said...

good job Guru !!! your last dvds were excellent, looking forward to more of them

SilatBlogger said...

Thanks all. I may take you up on your offer Jay. Right now I have nothing in mind but who knows what the future holds.

PS, if you drop a line as "Anonymous" please let me know who you are by posting your name in the post. Thanks!