Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pencak Silat Christmas

The pencak silat seminar in Milwaukee hasn't happened and shows no signs of happening.
As I role into this new year, I am looking at the past year of teaching and the development of PSP. It has been slow as far as growth is concerned. Perhaps even stagnant. We've had new people join. Some in Spain, and others around the country, California, Georgia, and Iowa to name a few. Yet, there is something that needs to happen to bring up the training and interest. I'm not sure what it is and I am open to new ideas...

I continue to work on new training materials, and new approaches to the same material. For instance, the addition of headgear in our current classes has added a much needed realistic aspect to the training. It has caused us to work harder at understanding and applying the material and doesn't allow our silat to be just "bunga" or flower.

Nick came to class last Tuesday, as did Todd, Rocco, and Doug. It was a pretty good class. We went over Level 3 primarily, focusing on catches, checking, trapping and counter-trapping, as well as exchanges. A few put headgear on and were able to let loose a little. Even with headgear and gloves, you still can't let it fly because of the structure and power generation that PSP provides.

Well, Nick is getting some interest in his Pencak Silat Association. That's exciting! I've wanted that for a long time and I'm glad he has the energy, influence and time to get it going. Those are three things that seem to wane back and forth in my life with all of the other things going on and the other aspects of teaching and producing materials for students.

Look for another post soon as I reflect more...

Hormat saya,


Jay said...

Selamat Sean-
Does Nick have a website up at all? Or some sort of information that he could send to me?
Happy xmas and new year to you, by the way.
Take care,

SilatBlogger said...

Hi Jay

Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been visiting. (Still am...) Anyway, his site is not really up yet but should be after the first of the year sometime.

Jay said...

Hola Sean-
No need to apologize! I look forward to seeing more.
happy new year.