Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday 12/9 Pencak Silat Class

Today it was just Doug and I. We worked levels 2 and 3. We put some thigh pads on for the knee entries. I found them at the martial arts store in downtown Orlando. They work good for the hitting but the suck as far as staying on. The design is pretty worthless that way. So doug and I have come up with a good idea that would be worth pursuing to make them better and perhaps someday I'll get a chance to make a pro-type.

We also put on some headgear and some open-finger gloves and threw some punches like we meant it. We started off pretty normal, but we worked the checks (pencegah Tangan) pretty good, firing combinations to check the check so-to-speak. Doug found out that when you trust them they work pretty good, but when you don't... all kinds of things start going wrong.

After that we also worked exchanges against multiple attacks. It felt good to be responding to real-time, real-power attacks again. It's been awhile since I've been able to train that way and of course, for Doug and Rocco it's really just doing it for nearly the first time. (Rocco wasn't there today, but that's okay because I got to play :-)

Anyway, we went through all of the Masukan and all of the level 3 stuff except for Penjebak or trapping. I started to film but then all this noise started arising like a chorus around us so I stopped. Of course within about 10 minutes so did all the noise... happens every time. I did get jurus satu pisau filmed at least and I'll do it one at a time if necessary until I get them done.

I haven't made any progress on Level 9 but it should be all filmed...

Hormat saya,


ksmaguro said...

Not a train I take it? ;-)

SilatBlogger said...

planes... people... cars... just about everything but a train. :|

Cowboy said...

Will we be seeing a return of the Silat Kitty in later videos?


ksmaguro said...

Oh man! I was watching one with my boy and when the subject matter changed and the cat was not there, he asked, "Where'd kitty go?"
I told him it was in the tree waiting for the right moment....