Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pencak Silat class 12/16

Silat class was good today. We worked on explosive entries with a knife. As well, we worked on countering the entry. The goal was to limit the countering to a single counter and the attack to a single attack and we used a fixed distance for the entries. Probably about 3.5 feet but I don't know for sure what the distance is.

The basic premise was for one person to be explosive and try to cover the distance in a way that cause the other person to get cut or stabbed. Thought it might seem obvious, the goal of the other person was to Ales and counter. It was a good exercise and the guys (Rocco and Doug) got a good sense of the necessity for strategy and a bit better sense of the danger that can accompany a knife attack (though i doubt anyone in my classes really didn't think knife was dangerous...). They also got a better sense of when they telegraph and how to read another persons attack through the concept of zoning. Zoning is a concept that is hard to explain but good fighters use quite a bit and from what I've been taught, silat is based on zoning in one way or another. I also taught them a few "cheats" for dealing with a good deal of knife attacks.

After we did these drills for awhile, we went back to trapping with pisau. We only had time to work the first four penjebakan with pisau but it was good for them to see how it might come together and how you could use the idea of penjebakan to develop offensive strategy for pisau explosive entries. We only just touched on the idea but it will grow because it is a healthy seed of thought and ideas...

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