Friday, December 01, 2006

Unfettered Mind of Pencak Silat

Last night Rocco and I were having a private class and he was working on explosive entries. Making his entries less telegraphed, more direct, and quicker.

One way to do this is to focus on putting your "pushing" foot backward quickly, rather than to try and move forward fast. Usually, by trying to move forward fast you start leaning your body forward before you actually move. On the other hand, when you push your foot backward quickly, it propels your body forward because it creates the lean that you need to move forward quickly. If you think of a runner in blocks, you'll get the idea. You don't see a sprinter standing upright at the start of the race. Rather, the work hard at getting very low so that their body weight and angle helps them to generate explosive footwork. This is the concept of developing explosive footwork.

Key points include:

  • pushing backwards

  • lowering your weight

  • pushing off the balls of your feet

  • run, don't spend your time preparing - just go!

  • your hands are independent

These will get you started in exploring your explosive footwork.


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