Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Press Release

Tried my first press release. Wanted to let the world know about these funny new shirts I created about pencak silat. Most people seem to like them so they might be a big hit. They are available on http://www.cafepress.com/silatshop and of course through my main Silat Shop http://www.combat-silat.net/edges_store/default.asp . I've added new products like mugs, boxers, etc. It's my hope that making some commercial items that can be worn around without affiliation will help pencak silat grow through awareness.

As for the press release, I'm not sure it did any good but it was worth a shot. I learned some things and I will probably do it again when my second book is released later this year or early next year (2007).

Why do a press release for t-shirts? Well, I wanted to try it and quite frankly, what I'm doing isn't working so I'm experimenting with new things that are "out of my box" at least. Even the shirts and gifts are a bit of a stretch for me. I wanted to do something fun that might raise some eyebrows and something that other people could wear without it being an advertisement for me.

We'll see how they are received.


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