Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pencak Silat Saturday.

It's raining this morning. We need it. It's very dry here. It kind of sucks though because I was planning to start filming this morning for senjata. Specifically knife or pisau. It may stop yet since it's only about 830 am.

I've been trying to get through the basic material on video. Harimau is done I think... though I've put off actually making the last video until I get some more time to look at one or two more aspects of it. So, in order to keep moving and since it's a bit cooler now here in Florida, I've decided to start making the other levels.

Thursday, Rocco and I were talking about Spirituality and I was saying that the third book I write I want to reflect spirituality in pencak silat and specifically my own understanding but without being too specific. I want it to include specific spiritual exercises and methods as well as philosophy, principle, strategy, etc. It's going to be a tough book to write because it's such a large subject and I don't want it to be an exclusive book, but rather, more of a discussion about spirituality with the book as the basis or starting point. I can't wait to tackle it but it's still going to be tough. I don't imagine it will be the length of the other books just because that would take several years of work and I don't want the discussion to take that long to get started and I don't want people to wait that long to learn the specific exercises, principles, etc.
We've been working more on explosiveness and entering an opponent. Rocco has spent several months just working on this and has made tremendous improvement.

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