Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pencak Silat Class

Well, it didn't rain so we had class today. We started out with push-ups, then jump squats, to knee drops or Ales Lima depending on your viewpoint and then we kept rolling right into Sepak Bulat or roundhouse kicks.

We followed that up with Tendangan Depan or front Heel kicks.

Then we combined the two into a short series, followed by an elbow or pukul to the head or body.

Then we combined the two sepak or kicks into a positioning technique that allowed us to perform the Pembasmian Pukul or Pembasmian Lehir Patah.

Then we added to that, a switch to another pembasmian or a kinjit siku. Though by this time people were getting a little tired.

Doug and I went off a bit and worked the Statue Drill, which is where one person attacks with whatever they want to and you respond naturally and follow up until the person is finished or the threat would be removed. It's a way to test your skills and to see what you know under a bit more pressure but in a way that still allows you to experiment because you don't know exactly what the attack is going to be or how you will end up. The person feeding the attack should not be countering you at all. It is really there job just to let you do your stuff. Obviously the thing to consider is safety when you are applying your techniques since this trainer is not fighting back at all.

Then Mario and Rocco did this as well.

Shaun (a new guy) went home after the workout. He wasn't feeling well.

Doug was not able to stay late so we didn't get to film or do photos. That's too bad, but what can you do? Maybe next Saturday....

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