Monday, October 30, 2006

Keluarga 2007-pencak silat

The training camp called Keluarga 2007 is scheduled for August 3-5 already. It will be in Des Moines and will only be three days of pencak silat training this coming year. I'm trying a shorter format since most people basically only stay 3 days anyway and even if they are there for 4 days, they've checked out mentally and physically by day 3. So I'm going to try a different format and see if we can keep the energy up.

The Keluarga will be at brother Jay Carstensen's in Des Moines and he is already looking into a shelter to rent, etc. so if it's hot or rainy we'll have some where to go.

Hopefully energy will stay high and we'll finally be able to get some traditional night training in around the circle. Depending on the quantity of new people, of course we'll go over the foundations and then we may move to weapons and other studies. I'm not really sure just yet because it will depend on who attends since I want to help people progress in the system where they are at but I also want to give them some material that shows them where they are going.

It's always a difficult mix to find. Eventually, I want to do several Keluarga's a year so that they can be a bit more focused and then people can attend the one that will most meet their needs.

Hormat saya,


ksmaguro said...

We are looking forward to it.

Aaron said...

You usually succeed in finding the right mix Guru. While part of me is sad to see Keluarga shortened I have to agree that energy does seem to fall after the 3rd day.