Sunday, November 19, 2006

Saturday Pencak Silat class 11/18

Hi All

Another good pencak silat class. Well... at least I think so. We worked on explosive entries and developing feet as well as hands and things to consider when making something explosive. It's more about approaching the entry with no intent of power as much as trying to be "empty" and quick, letting your mass transfer power as it moves forward. It's a bit different than just trying to hit hard because the point is to get to the target without telegraphing primarily and letting your body follow in such a way as to continue the attack. It doesn't matter how much power you have if you can't get to the target so explosiveness is essential! With that speed will come power... eventually.

We also worked Ales, Entries and entries against knife, as well as Sepak Naga against a front kick, attacking the supporting leg. We have been using a kicking shield lately and it's fun to be able to let some power go. It's also helpful to see where people still are weak in structure or understanding because power doesn't require strength, though strength can sometimes add to it. Power is a result of good mechanics, being relaxed (which really equates to speed), timing, and whole body intent.

Doug got his head split open by my wedding ring... Sorry Doug. We were working on focus mitts and Doug's head dropped into a place to near the focus mitt and got a nice cut on his forehead. If I had been thinking, I would have taken a picture because that baby is really leaking. :-) So, just a reminder, take your jewelry off when you train and don't put your head by the focus mitt. :-)

We did do some filming and photography. We filmed trapping with a knife in hand, the bow with a knife, and how to use knife grip switching and the various grips to counter someone holding onto your wrist. Of course, it's not without it's risk, but it does offer another way to add variability into the fray. Also, we did photos of that material and came that much closer to having the first weapons level completed. It's still a long way off I think just because of the quantity of material and now we are hitting the holidays which makes filming somewhat sporadic. I'll keep at it though.

The Vol.2 book may end up later than I had hoped just because of all the freelance work I've been doing and the need for more photos, and writing that needs to be done yet. I've tried to keep it a little higher quality with the photos and to use more photos rather than less in an effort to communicate more efficiently to people in the know already. Hopefully that will work well. I'm also trying not to recreate the wheel with material, etc. that should already be known, at least to a certain degree and that's already been made available somewhere else while trying to keep a balance with those that might start with this Volume rather than Volume One.

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KSMA said...

Sounds like a good practice. Give my healing regards to Doug. I have a few pictures of wounds from various incidents, so remember your camera next time!
Looking forward to the Vol 2.

Cowboy said...

Well I think Doug will win the "Wierdest things that have made me bleed in training" contest. Sounds like a good class.