Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Holy Crap! Cold Silat class

Well, I'm just about frozen... It's like 48 degrees right now but there's around a 20 mph wind and class was flippin' cold tonight. Everyone was wearing their sweatshirts and other clothes to try and keep warm.

We worked on evasions against a stick. It was interesting to see Rocco and Todd work through it. Todd has a lot of Kali to sort through but Rocco did quite well actually. Rocco made a pretty good run at it and for the most part did okay.

They worked the Ales as well as Masukan Tangan and Masukan Kaki. We also did some "what if's" scenario stuff and that was interesting. Baseball swings, etc.

Anyway, glad it's over. It'll take about an hour to warm up I think... I know it's colder in other parts of the country (like Wisconsin) but dang, I'm used to Florida weather - at least a little - and it's cold tonight.

Hormat saya,


Cowboy said...

Hahaha! We've made a Floridian out of you! Did you guys get any of those little ear nicks that are oh so fun during cold weather?


SilatBlogger said...

I wore a hoodie the whole time...

Jay said...

We have had 30s at night and 50s in the day. Quite nice. I am not working out outside, however.
Although we might if the sun didn't set so bloody early.