Sunday, August 22, 2010

Combat Silat Pecut / Whip

Pencak Silat Pertempuran utilizes the Pecutan or whip as not only a method of self-offense but also as a method of development for body mechanics.

The whip can be used as a great tool for strengthening a choke, catching a limb, and even for performing takedowns.

The Pecutan is a versatile tool that can be used to strike from the ankles to well above the head and anywhere in between.

Some martial arts prefer a longer whip but in reality the short whip, approximately 6 feet in length, is the preferred whip. With a shorter motion for power development it can be redeployed much faster to another direction or height. Additionally, two Pecutan or an additional weapon such as the Clurit can be used in concert with the whip. The longer the whip, the more difficult it becomes to employ a second weapon because the applicable ranges are so extreme.

In Combat Silat, we aim to make the jurus2 tangan the core of the system and as such, there are no unique jurus2 for senjata or weapons. You simply have the freedom to apply any weapon to a jurus. As a result, your jurus2 may not be the same as mine, depending on what you emphasize in your jurus2 tangan.

For my money, the longer I study and train in pencak silat, the more that enjoy the study, application, and benefits of the Pecutan within that study. It is an art unto itself, even within the system that provides its framework.

Below are a few simple videos demonstrating some basic Pecutan.

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