Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simple Combat Silat Evasions eBook

I've finally started making eBooks with the materials in an effort to try and get people the material in an affordable and manageable way. I hope to eventually start adding new materials as I am able too, like kerambit and knife, etc.

This eBook has an embedded video of the materials, still photos and the text to make a good package for explaining the pieces.

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Massimiliano said...

Good initiative.

The material is already in previous books and/or DVD's, or is new/revisited material?

Sean Stark said...

Hey Massimiliano;

At this point it's the same material. I am looking to update them but wanted to see what the viability was and if people wanted it in that format first. It takes a bit of work so I didn't want to do it for nothing.

marry said...

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