Monday, September 07, 2009

pencak silat kerambit

Okay. Is it over yet? What am I talking about? I'm talking about the big hype around kerambit. It's a great weapon, that's extremely efficient at what it does, but it's just a weapon amongst many weapons. I personally like it, but I'm sick of all the hype that has surrounded it. Apparantly so is Guro Mike Blackgrave. He's just posted a video on it to Facebook.

I'll be posting some here soon as well. Just need to get them edited. (There are a few already captured and more to come.)

Look, I think if you want to make the basis of what you do surround a single weapon, that's great, that's target marketing, niche marketing, even good silat. You'll become really deep and good at it. Unfortunately, most of what I see is just... well... not that interesting. It LOOKS totally cool but as far as efficiency and safety and combat effectiveness, I'm not all that convinced.

I guess, that's my point overall. If I look at all my martial arts training, with the various styles I've been involved with, what it comes down to is - I'm not all that convinced. I think there is some good stuff out there but too many of the key components are overlooked. For example, how to enter. This may be the single most overlooked component in the martial arts and without that, all your kerambit skills aren't going to mean diddly if you can't get in on me - and yes - you DO have to get in on me. I may not come to you, as is about 85% of all demonstrations, drills, etc. that exist in martial arts. Thank god that everyone attacks with committment and a freeze frame mentality otherwise there would be a lot less spectacular looking martial arts out there.

Well, since the kerambit is officially passe' now, I may start showing more of it again... and I'll keep preaching about entering.

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