Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Keluarga - Pencak Silat Pertempuran 2007 Training Camp

So this years pencak silat training camp has come and gone. By far the best one to date. We covered most of the curriculum in three days sans the drills and a few other things. Literally.

On Friday we had a 12 hour day and this is what we did.

Power Ales
Sliwa Training
Rendah Tendangan Rusuk
Gunting Kaki
Tendangan Belakang
Langkah Monyet
Langkah Kura-kura
Langkah Buaya
Langkah Kalong
Langkah Dua
Beladiri Ales
Masukan Kaki
Masukan Sepak
Masukan Lutut
Timbilan Kaki
Pembasmian Pukul
Kaki Totok

Masukan Tangan
Masukan Siku
Tangkapan - Beladiri Style
Pertukaran - Beladiri Style
Pencegah Tangan - Beladiri Style
Timbilan Tangan
Totok Tangan
Gunting Horizontal
Gunting Vertical
Gunting Siku
Siku Perisai
Pukul Perisai
Leher Patah
Pukul Pembas

Of course, we finished at around 830pm and everyone was pretty tired but that's not too bad considering no one had eaten dinner yet. We all went to our respective abodes and showered up and a portion of us met for dinner. It was great fun and people got to see the similarities between the movements and also I showed how it could be fit together depending on the situation.

Saturday everyone was sore AND it was raining hard so we worked under a pavilion during the early part of the day.

We started with:
Sikap Pasang

Led by Pelatih Bill Dwyer.

Then we went into the Jurus-jurus Tangan, Jurus-jurus Harimau (for Pelatih Bill), and Jurus-jurus Kombinasi for those who were interested. It was great fun to show the movements of the jurus-jurus come alive from yesterday's training and to show a few pounds of applications from just a few movements.

Again we finished around 830p or so. Got cleaned up and went out for dinner. It was a great time with good conversations and lots of friendships being developed.

Sunday we continued on throwing on top of the jurus the basic movements of golok/stick, how the Ales and Masukan might work against an armed assailant, how we might use them with a weapon ourselves, and how to do the jurus-jurus with a weapon. Then I went on to do a few minor applications just to show the concept and build the jurus-jurus movements. Later in the day we added Ikat and explosive entries to the training.

Really, in three days, you can't ask for anything more than that, but be assured, that in years to come as people continue to develop and grow in their skills, Keluarga is going to be a great place for training with some of the best guru-silat in the U.S.

Hormat saya,


Aaron said...

I have one simple request for you Guru, and all the others that attended: Will you all quit friggin' reffering to the first Keluarga I've missed as "the best ever". Seriously now, I've heard of rubbing it in but this is ridiculous! Honestly though, I'm glad you all had fun and I couldn't be more determined to make it next year.

ksmaguro said...

Man! They just keep getting better!
I think the future holds a great deal of promise.
To allthose who chose not to coem this year for whatever reason, start planning now for the next one: think late July or August and just pencil in all those weekends until we can figure out which one will be the one!

Any chance I could get the full resolution image of that one of me cracking Tony in the cods?

SilatBlogger said...

My suggestion is not to plan but to commit to next year. Make it a priority.

And yes, I will get you that image. I will put them on the FTP server tonight. I'd like copies of yours as well.

And that goes for anyone else who got photos.

T. Lamb said...

I wish i could have went...next year in Florida right???....lol

ksmaguro said...

will do it after class this evening.