Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hit or miss

Sorry all. I was out of town for a few days and on top of that, I'm a bit pressed at work and at home with freelance work so I've not been a very good blogger of late... I'll try to remain faithful to it and you.

I am beginning to organize notes, ideas, half-written things for book 3. It would be totally cool to have it done by the end of the year and that may be possible but since it's a part-time thing for me, it's hard to say. The third book will be a bit harder to write. It will be getting the ideas that helped in the original formation of PSP, out on paper and getting the ideas that have since formed, out on paper. It will be primarily about conditioning. That is not to say simply exercise but conditioning in all areas:

Muscular and Skeletal Training
Mental and Reflexive Training
Spiritual and Moral Training

I don't anticipate that it will be a huge book, but I didn't anticipate that book 2 was going to be as large as it was either...

It is my hope to be able to provide, in written form, thoughts about the "glue" of Pencak Silat Pertempuran so that the teacher of PSP will be able to understand more completely how the various pieces can be fit together, how they interact when together, and where they might take you.

In many ways I anticipate that this will be the most difficult book to write. I also intend to put a section in there of stories and training methods that I've heard, read, and found that concern Indonesian Ilmu, Kebatinan, and Tenaga Dalam. This section will depend on the size of the book and my ability to obtain permissions, etc. so it may not happen even though I have a pile of research.

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ksmaguro said...

I look forward to any information you wish to share and can appreciate the monumentous task of shifting through all the piles of papers trying to weave it into something tangible.
If there is any way that I may assist, please ask.
If you do not get permissions for publication, you can always share in person!
Take care,