Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Harimau-Monyet Simple Application

First I want to show you the way we used it for exercise, flow, adaptability, coordination and general attribute development. Though you don't want to do this all of the time, I do teach and share by randomly chaining things together so that people can learn: A.) There is no right or wrong way to chain things together for purposes of learning. B.) Chains can generally apply in many different ways. C.) Different things connect naturally and out of a flow.

There are other lessons learned by such an activity.

Then I like to actually let them apply it so they can understand how to value movement and learn principles of application like—leverage, angles, power, time ratio, etc.

Within this application video you should be able to see the previous article come to life.




Daytrader50 said...

Hi, I live in Delray Beach,Florida and was wondering if you had any students who could teach me. I am 53, out of the arts for many years and also wondering if an oldster like myself could even do the hard training required by Silat. Any suggestions? I have found a couple of Silat instructers somewhat near my area, but they dont seem to be as down to earth as you are, and to me WHO you train with is sometimes as important as WHAT you are training.

Sean Stark said...

Hey Daytrader50

I don't have anyone down that way currently. I am located in central Florida area.

I am 43 and still working out the kinks. I think it's a progressive thing and you always train beyond your capacity so that your level of ability is increasing perpetually.

I've seen very old men doing things that shame me so it really depends on the individual and how willing they are to work at it.

WHO you train with is not sometimes as important—in my experience it's ALWAYS important. WHAT as well, and HOW, and WHY. All very real factors that are inter-dependent.

Sorry for the delay in response, I initially got the notice on my phone and it's a pain to try and approve that way so I forgot about it.

There are options for anyone who is really wanting to learn. I flew my instructors to me and housed, fed, and when appropriate, paid them. I also flew to my instructors and did this for several years. Not to mention driving for 3-4 hours one way, for a day of training. Using video to augment those times, and lot's of mirrors, etc.

I know few people who are really willing to do what is necessary. I was willing. I still am.