Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Combat Silat Seminar

Date: July 31st
Length: 3 Hours
Price: $25
Location: Tampa, FL
Intro to PSP
Movement to movement understanding. Give up techniques and learn how to become adaptable, creative and employ movement combatively. We'll look at how choosing simple movements can become much more:
        Checking (Pencegah Tangan)
        Evasion (Ales)
        Entering (Masukan)
        Catching (Tangkapan)
        Locking (Kuncian)
        Takedowns (Timbilan)
        Destructions (Totokan)
        Damaging the throat (Pukul Pembas)
        Neck breaking (Leher Patah)
If there's time we can look at how simple movements can lead to other simple movements providing a simple but adaptable methodology of combat.

The Seminar will run $25 for 3 hours of training. Those of you who have gone to seminars in other arts (especially Silat seminars) know how reasonable this is. The host is looking into possible locations for training that are indoor so the location is still To Be Announced. It will be in the Tampa area.

For more information please feel free to email (connor.odonnell@gmail.com)

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