Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pencak Silat News: Instructor Certification

Sterling Heibeck is one of two people who have made it to Pelatih in Combat Silat/Pencak Silat Pertempuran. He has been working hard for a few years to get there and it was my pleasure to promote him on Sunday May 30th in the presence of Bobbe Edmonds, Buzz Smith, Jay Carstensen, Craig Gray and many other martial artists.

I expect that he will continue to grow and develop as he has more opportunity to see how the system connects, expands, etc.

Please take a moment to congratulate him.

Guru Stark


steve said...

Congratulations Sterling!

Asaraludu said...

Congratulations again, Sterling!

Jay said...

Once again, congratulations, Sterling! I am very proud of you and look forward to seeing where you continue to go on the stream!

Priest said...

Many congratulations Sterling!

Sterling said...

Thanks everyone. I'm really excited to finally be taking the first steps onto the long road of Silat.