Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thanks - Pencak Silat Pesilat

Selamat All;

Occasionally as I cross paths of various people on the internet I run into a "bad apple" or at least someone that I rub wrong or that rubs me wrong. I've tried not to let bad vibes exist between myself and any other pesilat but every once in a while it seems unavoidable - in fact, it seems that some desperately seek to have conflict.

Despite those few, limited times, I am very grateful for the students, teachers, and friends I've met in Pencak Silat over the years and I am especially thankful for those I've gotten to know on a deeper level as students and friends. I count the majority of you as some of my closest friends. Yes, indeed, as family in some cases and people I can turn to talk about life, share about my family, and seek advice. It is my hope, that many more of you will grow into the family of PSP and really share in it fully. For those on the outside looking in, it may seem weird, but for those of this family, and those of other silat families, it is not so weird.

I just wanted to take a minute of your time and thank you all for enriching my life. For sure, pencak silat has enriched my life, but without fellow pesilat it would mean very little. Pencak silat is not simply about the "beat down."

With that in mind, I want to be specific. Do not take the order as relevant, only the words that are spoken - someone has to be first and someone else has to be last. Also, don't whine if I don't list your name, I know a LOT of people.

"Hugo" - Thanks brother. I consider you one of the primary reasons PSP ever came to be. I have enjoyed the years that we've known each other and I only wish that we had greater opportunity to be in closer proximity.

Bill - Brother I appreciate your hard work and energy. You are the first instructor I've named in the 7 or so years I've been sharing silat and the first instructor I've ever named in any martial art. Your diligence is encouraging.

Doug - Brother, you are without a doubt a blessing in my life. You've helped here and there with little projects and your willingness to mix it up a bit is always energizing. I love it.

"Numbers" - Brother, you are a total crack-up. I suspect, that when you die, you will bring a knife hand and an elbow any where you go.

Michele - Sister, your energy for training is awesome. Your sense of humor is great and I hope that someday you'll be able to really move into the family of PSP.

Sahnya - Sister you've continued to work at the arts even when they seemed to be giving nothing back. That's what a Martial Artist does!!

Phil - Brother, He is risen... I hope that you'll be able to someday soon bring yourself back to the family. You are missed. You're theological knowledge is always a help to me.

Matthew D - I've only just begun to get to know you but your energy and excitement are contagious! I hope someday you'll get to meet the other pesilat.

Mattew L - This is a ditto. Hours and hours of yapping and roosters crowing is a heck of a way to get to know someone and I can't wait to train with you again.

Eric and Ryan - My Filipino brothers. Thanks for the food! It was a real pleasure watching Ryan look like a deer in headlights %0 and I appreciate your willingness to try to do things that your knees say you shouldn't Eric. Energy output is energy received.

Jay and Tony - I'm so excited that you guys have joined. I kept waiting for several years for that to happen and I am thrilled you guys have jumped on. Now it's time to work brothers!!!

Nick - Your pursuit of pencak silat is craziness. I'm glad you have the energy and time do some of the things I've wanted to but been unable to get rolling. THANKS!

Aaron - Little brother you just keep chipping away. Sometimes a little too small of chips, but none-the-less chipping away. Sharpen your chisel man. The guys around here are still talking about your Cekik skills.

Sterling, Brian B, Doug B, Steve A, John B, Christina T, Chad, Enrico, Bill F, Mike G, Henry I, Mikal K, Joel R, Todd L, Brian L, Alan L, Carl M, Manuel R, Chuck S, Mario T, James F, Brian G, Jeanette D, Kevin W, Andrew K, Chris S, and Mark V

I've not gotten to know you guys as well but I do care about your progress in PSP and the things going on in your life. Some of you have shared very personal struggles and issues with me and I appreciate your willingness to stick with training and PSP even when life seems to kick when you are down. Others of you are newer and we just haven't had much time to get to know each other but I am willing.

This doesn't even begin to mention those outside of our camp from many different systems and countries who have been a blessing. People like Steve Perry, Nadzrin, 1D, Bayu W., Bruno, Roedy W., Robby Maulana, Daniel Prasetya, Ben Haryo, Galih, Mushtaq, Bobbe, Jerry, Gene, Bernard, Alessandro, Bill R, Tim, Tom, My brother Jude, and many others too numerous to list.



Matthew J. Dyck said...

This post shows yet another great example of quality leadership. You Sir demonstrate time after time that one must serve in order to lead. I pray I will have the opportunity to serve and connect with you all!

SilatBlogger said...

This is actually from Hugo who was having some sort of UI malfunction...
Yay! He said my name first! I win! I win!

Seriously though, Are you dying or something? is this goodbye?

I love you too, bro'; You were my first "normal" friend! And, yes, I too remenisce of the "slaughterhouse"...Keluarga!!!!

We ARE family! the best kind, too! We are born, without being asked permission, into our birth families, whether we "fit" or not; but each of us has chosen membership in this one (except Aaron, I'm MAKING him stay).

This "choosing" is to our credit! We may judge ourselves by the company we keep; therefore, I must be great, because there's not a one of you that I haven't found to be loving, sharing, open, and honest in our training and friendships.

So THERE! Hugo has spoken!

Jay said...

I have enjoyed your teaching and discussions for a long while and look forward to seeing you often in the future.
You are greatly appreciated here too.
So, what gives, ARE you dying? ;-)

Cowboy said...

If he's dying than we can finally kick off those succession wars that Hugo was always talking about (although now I think it will be between Hugo and Bill instead of Hugo and Phil).

p.s. What is cekik?

Cowboy said...

Okay I got off my lazy bum and looked it up in the Silat Dictionary. I guess having skinny arms comes in handy eventually (right doug?)